Welcome to Business Consultations!

Are you looking for support in the development of your business? Do you need expert advice to help you achieve success? My business consultations are the solution that will take your company to a new level!

As an expert and, above all, a practitioner,

I WILL GLADLY HELP YOU in the development of your business AND ACHIEVING SUCCESS. I have extensive experience in various business areas, such as management, securing startup financing, CREATING PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS PLANS, business development, creating professional business procedures, company audits, and much more.

How does it work?

  1. Register – Choose a convenient consultation slot and sign up for the meeting.
  2. Online meeting – Consultations take place online, allowing you to participate from anywhere.
  3. Face-to-face meeting – We can meet at the office, a restaurant, or even in beautiful natural surroundings to discuss your business.

Solve your business challenges – Share your business challenges, and I will help you find the best solutions.

Why choose this service?

  • Personalized approach – Each consultation is tailored to your needs.
  • Expert knowledge – Access my knowledge, experience, and even business tools.
  • Support at every stage – I assist both aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced companies.

Sign up for a consultation now and start your journey to business success. Choose a convenient time.

Consultation Types:

  1. Free 15-Minute Consultation – During this call, you can explain your business idea to Magdalena, and she will provide insights on how we can assist. (Phone consultation)

  2. Paid 1-hour Consultation+ – Discuss any questions, concerns, ideas, challenges, and solutions for your business. You’ll be asked to prepare and send us the essential questions and issues you’d like to address during the consultation. This helps us prepare and find materials that may be useful to you in the future. (Video consultation – usually conducted through WhatsApp Business).

  3. Consultation on Non-repayable Funding – During a paid business consultation, Magdalena can explore available national and regional funding for your project. The fee includes Magdalena’s initial direct contact via email/phone with the Council and other organizations like Business Gateway, offering relevant programs for your project and client. If necessary, Magdalena can help with funding discussions and the preparation of necessary documentation. (Video consultation – usually conducted through WhatsApp Business).

We would like to emphasize that the investment risk associated with finding funding lies with the client, and it does not depend on our company. During our consultation, we strive to provide you with valuable information and support to help make decisions related to funding. However, the final risk and decisions remain under the client’s control.

Your investment: £100/hour – If the consultation ends before or after a full hour, it will be billed proportionately to the actual duration. Our goal is to provide you with full support and value, regardless of the actual time spent on your consultation.